That Can Be You


Perhaps the biggest barrier to getting serious and committed to getting healthy and fit is having a negative mentality. Whenever you tell yourself you can’t or won’t, 99 times out of 100, you can’t and you won’t.

Since I got serious about my health and fitness, I have had many “I can’t” and “I won’t” moments: “I can’t run more than five minutes,” “I can’t go without those foods,” “I won’t ever have abs.”

Lately, my goals have shifted from weight loss to muscle gain. I’m starting modestly. I still need to get on some kind of weight-training routine, but I’m not sitting idly by. For the past week, my main focus in exercise (other than walking/running), has been one of my “won’ts,” my abs.

I never gave my abs much thought, other than the thought most everyone gives theirs: “It’d be nice to have a six-pack.” Of course, my mind always decided I won’t ever be able to attain that much-desired look, so I never paid my abs much attention.

A friend had other ideas, though. She said, “You can definitely have a six-pack. Start working on it and you’ll be ready for summer.”

That sounded good to me. So I listened. And I started. And now, for the last week – a short time, for sure – I’m working the abdominals, doing a series of different exercises every day.

And every day, I’m seeing a difference. Definition is beginning to happen. When I tense the abs they feel harder than ever.

So instead of saying I can’t and I won’t, I’m starting to realize I can and I will. Sure, it takes dedication and sweat, but the eyes are on the prize, and that makes it easier.

This makes me think of the many people who have marveled at my transformation, as if it’s something magical and unattainable. Once, I thought it was. Now I know the appropriate amount of commitment and belief will make all the difference, and that, with the proper mentality, anyone can do it.

A marathoner? That can be you.

A cut dude on the beach? That can be you.

A person no longer overweight? That can be you.

Whatever you want, it’s not magic, and it’s not unattainable. Set your goals and burn them into your eyeballs. See yourself where you want to be and stop making excuses.

Find ways to make it happen and it will.



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